Naast communicatieadviseur ben ik mens. Met familie, vrienden, hobby´s en een mening. In mijn blog lees je wat mij bezig houdt, zowel zakelijk als privé. Dit is mijn leven.


Last week was grey. I don´t like grey, I like blue. I even like green, yellow, red, pink and most other colors too. But I don´t like grey. It numbs me. Takes away my emotions. I do that myself, of course, but only with purpose. This week was drama, and I seemed to be...

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Strawberry trifle (for cheaters)

A very early spring this year makes for an overload of strawberries already. Nah, there´s no such thing as a strawberry overload.Trifle is usually make with layers of cake, cream and gelatin fruits. But baking a cake takes time, and gelatin gets you more dishes, so I...

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My husband is everything I am not. And the other way around. He: amazingly smart, strategic, scientific approach, loves to study (just for the fun of it), learn about psychology and psychiatry, about human behavior, has very strong morals, believes in...

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Smoked salmon with zucchini and pasta

This dish only takes 15 minutes. It should be in Linda’s 15 (think of Jamie’s 15)… ;-)Ingredients for two150 gr pasta, I used penne2 salmon filetsOlive oil2 zucchinis1 clove of garlic, shredded2 tbsp crème fraicheJuice of ½ lemonSalt and pepperCook the pasta according...

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Salmon tortilla

March 9th is normally a cold, wet day in the Netherlands. But not today. The highest temperature ever was measured for this date. In my home town Eindhoven, it was up to 21 degrees (celsius). Barbecue, salads, ice cream, all present. I wore a nice summer dress all...

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The entrepreneur in you (actually, me)

As of this Saturday (March 1st), I own my own company. LinDialoog. That´s Dutch for LinDialogue, which you probably would have guessed. It´s a communication advisory and management company. It feels like a huge milestone, and of course it is. I've been working on it...

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Travel report Curaçao: Relax, Dushi!

As part of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao is well known in my home country (the Netherlands). It’s exotic, far away, sunny, warm, tropical… And yet feels so close to home because of its herritage. In the Netherlands Antilles, Dutch is one of the main languages. One...

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So much to do… And so much time left!

Soon I’ll be 30. The Big Three-O. Makes me think. I’m not scared or ashamed, or feeling old. On the contrary. But I do feel that time is going by so fast. Seems like yesterday that I was in high school, taking my first English classes.So 30, that should be about 1/3...

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Social media & me

Social media and personal branding: it never got so out of hand. New social media platforms are developed probably daily. There are interesting shifts from certain target groups, for example teens shifting from Twitter to Instagram. Why would that be? Text is great,...

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Pasta with mint pesto

Yes, another Italian dish. Or rather: inspired by the Italian cuisine, in this case. Pasta and pesto are both Italian, but this mint version of pesto… I’m not sure how to catagorize it. The best tag is probably ‘with a twist’.By the way, this is a really cheap, easy...

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